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The Bird Is the Word!

About Casinobird

Casinobird was hatched over a dinner between a few friends who share the same interest in online casinos. One of us had won a nice chunk of change and set up a glorious dinner that stretched to the early hours after midnight. A night we could not remember at first in the morning, but later became a night we will never forget.

Coincidentally, we spent a lot of time talking about lack of online information about the casinos and existing deals. We all agreed that many large sites had biased information about the casinos and none of us could find justifiable reason why one casino is ranked first, and then fifth the next week. We agreed that something needed to be done and we made a pact to change the world by creating the online authority of information about online casinos and promotional news!

During the late hours we agreed upon “Lucky 7” commandments for our site:

  1. We will not rate casinos with points because everyone has different experience with a casino based on where they live, what kind of games they play, and countless other factors. One should really judge the casino experience for one self.
  2. We will only promote casinos that we have played at and find to be respectful and credible.
  3. We will always list how long a promotion is valid for, in other words, when it starts and when it expires. This way people will not waste time visiting a casino to look all over the site, to contact the support and sometimes even wait for a day, or days, to get an answer. Honestly, this just gets aggravating and takes the fun out of the online casino experience.
  4. We will properly test all noteworthy games that come on the market. The requirement for this is: at least 40 inch LED screen to test out the quality in full screen mode and a decent sound system (mostly because it gave us another reason to buy more toys), play with real money stake of minimum €300, and play for minimum of 2 hours.
  5. We will include the official rules of the games.
  6. We will not have an ugly site.
  7. We will not promote casinos we do not like, even if they offer to pay.

A lot of time passed since we made our pact without anyone doing anything, but then second time we gathered to celebrate a big win, we laid out a plan and chose our responsibilities. A few months later, we finally found a concept that all of us liked and found entertaining; the Casinobird, The Bird is the Word! The CasinoBird is to become the authority source for information from serious online casinos.




Who is behind Casinobird?

We are four people that enjoy the fun and the thrill of casino games. We first met “by destiny” in year 2000, sitting at the same Black Jack table in a casino in central London, UK. After many hours of Black Jack and fun, we promised to meet up again even though we lived in different countries. For a few years we would plan a joint vacation and meet once a year to catch up and have some fun by challenging each other in anything, from how many croissants one could eat in one hour, to who would get the biggest win on a slot machine. With our second halves having as much fun as us, we became close friends and have been inseparable over the years.


My first real casino experience was at Taj Mahal in Atlantic city when I was 19. I was with a group of friends and I knew it was my night. I was going to double my money at the Blackjack table and buy drinks to girls and my friends all night. 30 minutes later, I lost my fun money – $150, which was a lot considering I was still a student. We still had an amazing night at the casino. The most memorable thing about the trip was that one of my hungover friends got attacked by a pack of smart seagulls who managed to get him to drop his juicy hot dog on the beach boardwalk and then snatched it up. He still hates seagulls to this day.


My first time in a land based casino was for my best friend’s birthday. We put $50 on a single number bet and we won over $1700! At first I did not know what was going on and that we actually won this much money. We did not really know all the rues, I thought that if we win, we would get double, or maybe triple the bet, but not $1700! We played until the dinner table reservation was ready and then the next day, we extended our trip by one more day. At the end of the weekend, the trip completely paid for itself!


From what I remember, my first casino game has to be Video Poker in the pubs when I was younger. My virgin trip to the casino was on a holiday in France, when I went to a casino in Monaco. I felt my calling when I saw the glamour and the Ferraris. People were playing with high stakes and walking away with fortunes at the end of the night. First few years I played poker, but I really grew into liking video slots much more. My luckiest day is when I won two local jackpots in two online casinos in day. That is the day I quit my job and became a professional gambler.


I have worked at a pretty boring company and had a job for years that never changed. Our Christmas parties took place in the break room over cheap catered food and they lasted for one hour. My weekend trips to the casino were the fun and excitement that I really looked forward to at the end of the week. The online casinos have made it so that I can quit my job and I have been a professional gambler for 6 years now. I love working with as I can finally utilize my technical background and work with something I like.

As professional gamblers we have had active accounts in dozens of online casinos for years and we stay up to date with active promotions and new games. The VIP status and a personal contact with individual casinos has granted us the opportunity to offer some extra value in form of unique promotions. Casinobird is an independent source presenting unbiased information about online casinos, games and offers available. We hope that you will find this information useful and we welcome your feedback! Get in touch by commenting on the website, email, or one of our many social media profiles!