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Atlantic CIty Blackjack Gold Series - Table Game

Atlantic City Blackjack

Don’t Go To Atlantic City…

…When You Can Stay Right Here At Home!

This game is a long-time favourite of those who visit the exciting Atlantic city- and now Microgaming has created a version dedicated to this favourite past-time. Considered a Hole Card Game, players favour this version over others because you are able to see one of the dealer’s cards, quickly peeking at the other, getting a quick clue on whether or not they have a Blackjack.

As usual in this popular table game, 21 is always the strongest and can never be beaten, only matched. Another thing to keep in mind if you are new to Blackjack, is all face cards have a value of 10, and aces have a value of 1 or 11, whichever number does not bust you, you will use. In this version, the player and dealer can draw up to 9 cards, totalling 11, as long as this amount does not exceed 21. If you maintain 11 cards without exceeding 21, you automatically stand, meaning you have no more moves other than to see the dealer’s cards. If the dealer does not get 21, he will always remain at 17 before both you and the dealer reveal your number of your cards. If you beat the 17, you will win the round, so you could have 18, 19 or 20, or of course 21.

When playing, if the dealer goes ‘Bust’, meaning he goes over 21, you will automatically win. If you and the dealer both have Blackjacks (21) or the same value of cards, then you ‘Push’, meaning basically that you lose and gain nothing in that round, and the new round can begin.  This game pays out odds of 3:2, meaning 3 favourable outcomes to every 2 unfavourable outcomes, making this game a great chance for profiting.

There are 3-4 common features in a Blackjack game: Splitting, Double Down, Insurance and Surrender.

The way Splitting works, is you are able to split up 2 cards beside each other that have the same denomination or value. So, if this is an opportunity, the game will automatically ask you if you want to do this, potentially then giving you 3 hands out of the 2 and increasing your chances of winning.

With Doubling Down, this can only occur as an option when your first 2 cards are dealt or after a Split and is equal to your original bet amount. It automatically gives you one more card in your hand and then that specific hand Stands.

Insurance is also an important feature. As you can see one of the dealers cards, if that card happens to be an ace, then you will be offered the chance to buy Insurance. What this does for you is, if the dealer in fact has 21 (You can not see the second card so you wont know) then your bet amount is safe and can not be taken. Insurance can only be bought when the dealer is showing an ace as the first card, since the ace is the easiest way to 21, Blackjack. The insurance bet is worth half of your original bet, and only covers your original hand, not any Split hands. If the dealer turns out to not have Blackjack, the insurance is removed, and if they do, the insurance pays of 2:1.

And finally, there is the Surrender feature. The Late Surrender basically allows you to not play your hand, if it is a hand you do not like, and this costs you half of your bet amount. You can only choose this option after your first 2 cards are dealt and the dealer ensures they have no Blackjack.

Overall, this is a great game and a whole lot of fun. The graphics Microgaming presents gives a real feel for the game and what it is like in person, without all of the distractions that typically occur in the land based casinos. One of my personal favourites (I am a big Blackjack player).

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Enjoy and Have fun!

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Atlantic City Blackjack - Official Game Rules & Playing Information - click to view - click to close

Atlantic City Game Rules

General Rules

  • The Dealer is dealt two cards, one face-up and one face-down.
  • The Dealer peeks for Blackjack when dealt an Ace or a card with a value of 10. If the Dealer has Blackjack, the game is over.
  • Blackjack is the strongest hand and automatically stands
  • Blackjack cannot be beaten, only matched.
  • All face cards have a value of 10.
  • Aces can have a value either 1 or 11.
  • You and the Dealer can draw up to nine additional cards to make a hand of eleven cards, provided the value of the hand does not exceed 21.
  • If a hand does not exceed 21 after receiving eleven cards, the hand automatically stands.
  • The Dealer stands on all 17.
  • Malfunctions void all plays and pays.

Betting and Payout Rules

  • If the Dealer is dealt a hand that exceeds the value 21, and you are dealt a hand that has the value of 21 or less, the Dealer’s hand is bust Your hand automatically wins.
  • If the first two cards dealt to you are an Ace and a card with a value of 10, you have Blackjack. Your hand automatically stands.
  • Blackjack pays out at odds of 3:2 on your regular bet.
  • If both the Dealer’s hand and your hand have Blackjack the hands push. Your regular bet amount is returned to you.
  • If both the Dealer’s hand and your hand have the same value the hands push. Your regular bet amount is returned to you.

Splitting Rules

  • You can split two cards that have the same denomination or value
  • The split bet placed on your second hand is equal to your regular bet amount.
  • If you split a pair of Aces and then draw a card with a value of 10, this is not Blackjack although it has a value of 21. This rule also applies to splitting pairs of cards with a value of 10 and then drawing an Ace.
  • You can split a maximum of three times per game, equalling four hands.
  • You can only split Aces once.
  • When you split a pair of Aces, each Ace is dealt one card, and the hand automatically stands.

Double Down Rules

  • The double down bet is equal to your regular bet amount.
  • You can double down on your first two cards only.
  • You can double down after a split
  • When you double down, you are dealt one card and your hand automatically stands

Insurance Rules

  • You can take Insurance
  • The Insurance bet is equal to half your regular bet amount.
  • Insurance bet wins or losses are independent from your regular bet.
  • Insurance only covers your original hand. It does not cover any second hands on a split or a double down
  • If the Dealer does not have Blackjack the Insurance bet is removed from the table. The cost of the Insurance bet is deducted from your credit balance, and the game continues.
  • If the Dealer has Blackjack, the Insurance bet pays out at odds of 2:1.

Surrender Rules

  • You can Late Surrender
  • The late surrender option is only available for the first two cards dealt.
  • Before you can surrender your hand, the Dealer must check for a Blackjack and all Insurance bets must be resolved.
  • If you use the surrender option, you give up half your regular bet amount for the privilege of not playing out a hand.

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