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Jackpot 6000 Video Slot

Jackpot 6000

Jackpot 6000 is a classic video slot that has probably became more popular than its inspirer Jackpot 2000. The Jackpot 2000 could be almost called the king of the real slot machines in Norway and has been widely popular for quite some time now.

The name Jackpot 6000 comes from the fact that you can win 6000 coins in one round. We really like this slot because it gives a genuine impression of a real casino slot machine in every way. The first glance did not leave a wow-impression but shortly in the gameplay, we acquired a nice taste for this slot.

If you wish, every winning can be doubled with the head or tails option. When we won small, we would always toss the coin. Once on a winning streak, tossing the coin on larger wins and winning more was an amazing experience! As long as you are winning you can play head or tails for as long as you want turning small wins into large wins. The chances are 50/50 so it just feels good to know that luck is on your side sometimes.

Beautiful option here is that you do not have to always bet all of the winnings. You can transfer a part of the winnings and play head or tails with the rest. The winnings can be transferred in increments of 20 coins. After you play head or tails, you can then decide if you want to collect the transferred part of the winnings or if you want to go and play head or tails again – it is really up to you.

Second feature that lifts up the entire game play is the Supermeter mode. This is where the action is! While in Supermeter mode all the stakes are maxed and the bet level is total of 20 coins with all 5 lines active. Extra reward besides the paytable wins is that if you get two Jokers anywhere on the reels you are in for a mystery win up to 6000 coins! This is when you start the Dr. Evil laugh in a whisper and the more you win, the louder the laugh gets (at least it did for us).

There are 5 bet lines and you can bet on one line or all 5 lines. To qualify for the Supermeter mode, you need to bet total of 10 coins: 2 coins on each of the 5 lines. Hitting the Jackpot with only 8 coins gives you only €1600 so it seems smarter to play with the max bet of 10 coins considering the difference in possible winnings.

One drawback that we noticed here is that there is no pop-up paytable so you have to look around the slot to read and understand the whole paytable. Ok, I guess we are spoiled and this is really not as bad as it sounds.

3 Reel, 5 Bet line, Video Slot
Toss the coin and Supermeter mode
Bonus Game:
Maximum Win:
€6000 on single spin
May 2006
Game Provider:
Net Entertainment

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Welcome to Jackpot 6000! Information about the game and a description of how it is played is provided below.

About the Game

Jackpot 6000 is a 3-reel 5-line slot machine featuring jokers, a heads or tails double up game as well as a Supermeter mode. On Jackpot 6000, you can win up to 6000 coins per game round!

You can bet on up to five betlines in each game round (spin of the reels). The minimum bet is one coin on one betline, and maximum bet is ten coins covering all five betlines at two coins per line. Max bet is required to qualify for Supermeter mode. Winning combinations of symbols are displayed in the paytable in the top left corner of the machine. The Joker paytable displays winnings for three Jokers on a betline for the different bet levels. If you bet only one coin, winnings in the paytables are halved.

Each time you win in Jackpot 6000, you have the possibility to bet all or part of your winnings on heads or tails for a 50/50 chance to double them. As long as you win, you can choose to continue to play heads or tails or to collect your winnings.

If you play for max bet in Jackpot 6000 and win, you also have the option to enter Supermeter mode. In Supermeter, stakes are higher: the bet level is automatically 20 coins with all 5 bet lines active. The reward is that in addition to paytable wins, the Supermeter mode gives you the chance to win on two visible Jokers anywhere on the reels. Each combination of two Jokers pays a mystery win between 10 and 6000 coins.

How to Play

Start by selecting the number of lines to bet on. Available bet levels are 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10. The default bet is 1 coin on 1 line. Click Bet to raise the bet to 2 coins on the first line, then to 2 coins on each of the following four lines. The Joker paytable is highlighted according to your bet. To place the highest bet of 10 coins at once, click Max bet.

If you click Max bet, the reels start spinning automatically. For other bets, click Spin. When you win, winning betlines are highlighted, the amount you win is displayed and the heads and tails buttons are highlighted.

Heads or Tails

Your winnings are automatically bet on heads or tails. To play for the entire win amount, just click the heads or the tails button. To bet part of your win amount, click Transfer once for each sum of 20 coins from the win amount you want to save, and then click the heads or the tails button to play for the remaining win amount. If you do not want to play heads or tails, click Collect to add the win amount to your credit and return to the slot machine.

When you have selected heads or tails, the coin is tossed and the winning side of the coin is highlighted. If you win, continue to play heads or tails or click Collect to add your winnings to your credit and return to the slot machine.


If you have bet 10 coins in Jackpot 6000 and win, you can choose to play heads or tails or to enter Supermeter mode. You can also enter Supermeter during heads or tails. To start the Supermeter, click Spin. Your winnings, including any amount you have saved if you are playing heads or tails, are added to the Supermeter credit display at the top of the game and 20 coins are bet automatically. Click Spin again to spin the reels.

In Supermeter, each combination of two visible Jokers anywhere on the reels pays a random mystery win between 10 and 6000 coins. To end Supermeter, click Transfer to play heads or tails for your winnings or click Collect to add the winnings to your credit and return to the slot machine.

Game Settings

The Game settings menu as well as toolbar buttons allow you to enable or disable sound effects and Fast play (when available). When Fast play is enabled, the reels spin faster and a game round takes less time to complete. Click on Game History to view your latest game history.

Return to Player

  • The theoretical return to player is 98.8%

Additional Information

  • The following game features and settings may be subject to the terms and conditions of the gaming site. For more information on the following, refer to the gaming website:
    • The procedures used to manage unfinished game rounds.
    • The time after which inactive game sessions automatically end.
  • In the event of malfunction of the gaming hardware/software, all affected game bets and payouts are rendered void and all affected bets refunded

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