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Joker 8000 - Classic Slot

Joker 8000

A Scandinavian 3-of-a-kind, pub-style classic slot, Joker 8000 truly brings back the classic memories of slot machines in a simpler time.

The unique quality of this classic game lies in the fact that you could become €8000 richer if you hit the ultimate jackpot, which may have not been so common back in the day!

With the ever-so familiar classic symbols, the BAR, Cherry, Crown, Joker, Lemon and Melon, this game is stunningly simple to play, which we, at, really appreciate! As exciting as the new video slot games are, it is a nice change to play the classics once in a while.

An exciting aspect of this classic slot is the Bonus Game on the Reels; Super Game! If selecting Bet Type 10 and winning a minimum of 20 credits, the feature on the spinning reels will activate the Super Game!

There is a total of 10 winning combinations, with coin size up to $10/10 coins, and a max bet of $100. Although there is no Wild or Scatter, the wins are still competitive in this classic slot game.

You can play any regular prize in the game. If you land a winning combination a 'Gamble' and a 'Collect' button is enabled. Click Gamble to have a chance to increase the prize or 'Collect' if you need to continue spins.

When it is time to calculate your payout, convert the coins to credits by multiplying the number of coins by the denomination of the coin.

Overall, we love the simple, classic appeal of Joker 9000 and more importantly, the big wins that go along with it!

3 Reel, 5 Payline
Black or Red Gamble Feature, Bonus Game on the Reels
Bonus Game:
Yes (Super Game on Reels)
Maximum Win:
8,000 coins - Second Jackpot: 2000 coins
December 2009
Game Provider:

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