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Welcome to the news section of Casinobird. We compile up to date news and offers for you daily and give them to you in one easy to find place. Here you will find the latest promotions from our favourite casinos, industry news about whats happening as well as what casino games are hot and not. Take a look at our recent news for your chance to take advantage of special offers.

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French Politicians Caught Gambling?!

If we think back to when France went against the online gambling trend, we would never imagine that they, themselves, would be just as much considered fans as the many...
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Social Gambling Is On TOP!

Have you caught the social gambling bug yet?? Personally, I find it really exciting and have taken some tries at it, and I can really see myself putting some game time...

Zynga vs Betable: The Battle Continues

As you most likely read in our previous article regarding Betable's rising feat over Zynga, the competition between the two social gaming brands is really heating up. As you may know,...
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Big News For Seattle!

...And no, it's not the news that they legalized marijuana, although that was quite the story! I'm sure many residents in Seattle have a glazed and goofy smile! :) Seattle's next...