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Arabian Nights Jackpot Win!

Isn’t it always the online casino newbie who takes a try at a slot game and wins the jackpot? It seems more common than I would like to believe!

But… believe it or not, It has happened again!

Norwegian lucky man, Håvard, struck it big on one of my favorites – Arabian Nights. How big, you might be wondering? How about a sum of €656,875.83, to be exact. Don’t cry of jealousy yet (like I have…), for there is a jackpot for all of us!

A man who sometimes dabbled in online poker (not often winning), Håvard started to play at Vera&John online casino… Starting right at the Arabian Nights slot game. All true ‘slotters’ know that Arabian Nights is one of the best progressive jackpots available online today, so I guess its fair to say our friend Håvard may be a slot player at heart!

That exciting day of October 21, 2012 will be one Håvard will never forget, as it was a day that truly changed his life. According to the Vera&John interview,  the lucky winner had to grab his brothers to count the numbers on the screen, just to confirm he wasn’t seeing things (he wasn’t!).

Personally, I think this guy sounds really nice from what I read in the interview, I am happy he won.  Håvard plans to finish renovating his house he has been working on for years, take a vacation throughout Europe (the sunny parts!) an by the sounds of this guy, he will probably save and invest the rest! Good on ya.

Congrats,  Håvard, enjoy your winnings! And as for you, visit Vera&John online casino – Maybe you’re next!



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