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Big News For Seattle!

…And no, it’s not the news that they legalized marijuana, although that was quite the story! I’m sure many residents in Seattle have a glazed and goofy smile! :)

Seattle’s next big accomplishment is likely to be in, you guessed it, online gambling!

With the massive amount of international publicity following the 2012 Presidential debate, where Obama took his second victory, there has been a lot of talk regarding the next step in the USA for online gambling. Here at, we are more than excited for this as we want to give our beloved US players the opportunity to play at the best online casinos on the market today.

At the moment in the US, Seattle is taking the lead with the fight in online casinos. The Government is looking to legalize online gambling in Seattle as a way to boost tax revenue, which makes sense considering the current state of the economy.

In January 2012, Las Vegas company International Gaming Technology (IGT) bought DoubleDown Interactive, a Seattle video game company, in an effort to boost revenue using Double Down’s interactive games. Reports say Double Down’s purchase by IGT resulted in a growth of 293% in revenue at their fiscal year (September 2012).

DoubleDown  has a large user base with over 5 million participating on the platform per month, where players can buy virtual casino chips that can not be converted to real money – yet. They have a great mobile platform which integrates with Facebook and is used with both iPhone and iPad’s.

Considering the popularity of both mobile gaming and social gaming, this is a great move for both DoubleDown Interactive and IGT. This purchase my the giant, IGT, may see some fair competition for both Zynga and Facebook. The company has grown dramatically since the purchase and the profits prove it, as IGT’s stock price rose 5%.

It really makes sense that the companies are moving at the fast pace that they are. Although online gambling is not yet legal in Seattle, and probably wont be for one to two years, if the companies continue to move this quickly in the right direction, they will surely be the number one stars once the state is finally deemed ‘legal’.

These two companies have really made the perfect partnership, as IGT will handle the legalities and DoubleDown will continue to do what they do best: Build great, engaging games for the users and embrace new mobile technologies, such as HTML5 games.

It is all very unclear what will happen once online gambling becomes legal in the USA, and although DoubleDown and IGT may be at the front of it all, you never know when a competitor will creep up behind them…

What do you think about this news, especially if you are someone from Seattle? I would love to hear your thoughts so comment below!

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