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€73,000 Winner!

We always love to hear the news that someone has won some major cash on the slots (our favorites), and today is one of those days!

A well-deserving and loyal customer from Sweden won a great deal of cash while playing the Victorious slot on Vera&John mobile! This story goes to show it really does pay off to be a loyal online gamer, as this winner was a usual player at the popular online casino.

The winner played the slots the way you should (if you want to win, that is) and made wagers of €100, and after some time had passed, he scored a free spins round and before he knew it, the lucky guy was €26,000 richer. Not bad!

Of course, he didn’t stop there, he played again later on that night, stilling betting at €100 wagers and was rewarded with over 70 free spins. And what would you like to guess that resulted in? Let me tell you… more than €54,000. Yep, you read that right!

Why we really like this winner? He is soo laid back! Of course, one would only assume he is very pleased with his winnings, however when speaking to him, you could never tell! He explains how playing slots is “simply his hobby”, and its not just about winning.

Hey, I get that, slots are my hobby too, but hell yeah, I want to win!

The winner also mentioned how he really enjoys the mobile casino, which I wanted to point out since all of the best online casinos are headed for that direction. Personally, I play slots only on mobile these days – Whether I am waiting in queues, on the train or in bed! If you haven’t tried it, I definitely suggest you do!

Anyway, lets shine some light back on the winner…

A really nice guy with a family (wife and several children), he lives in Stockholm and works in construction; Just a regular guy! So damn humble, when asked by V&J what he would do with the money, he replied “Not sure, I guess time will tell..”

Sure thing! Well, enjoy it!

Here at we see most big winners coming from Vera&John online casino, so if you haven’t tried them out yet, you really ought to get on it! Go sign up today, or if you already have, go sign in and take advantage of the many great slot games, table games and awesome mobile platform!

You never know, you may be the next winner we write about! Only way to find out… Is to PLAY!

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Vera&John Review

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