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French Politicians Caught Gambling?!

If we think back to when France went against the online gambling trend, we would never imagine that they, themselves, would be just as much considered fans as the many French players.

Well, according to The Telegraph (British newspaper), this fact is spot on!

During an political event, Telegraph staff snapped pictures of French Legislators on their mobile and tablet devices. What could they have been doing during this important event? Playing poker, shopping online and reading cartoons – Of course! The part of this story that makes me laugh the most, is they were doing this using the parliament free access wifi! Hah! Oh, the irony.

Maybe this awkward moment can be seen is some positive light, as they are working to allow French poker players to access online gambling sites – As long as the sites used are licensed under the local gambling authority. Of course, those who operate without a license are still strictly prohibited.

All and all, I guess it goes to show, politicians are actually real people with hobbies, too. Who would have thought?

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