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Jack Hammer Free Spins!

One of the more recent games to be released for NetEnt has been a big hit, and to be honest, all of their games usually are a big hit!

Well, this video slot has done extremely well, over and above what maybe of expected. If your a slots fan (or, you read the title of the post!)  you probably know which one we are talking about – Jackhammer!

This game is lots of fun, especially if you liked the old comic book, and has some really great features both for the senses and for your wallet! The game gives you a real-life (almost) experience where you truly feel like you are on a mission to catch the evil Dr Wuten – and if you happen to do so, expect a handsome cash reward!

Start your game play with some Free Spins from ComeOn! online casino, especially if you have yet to play this fabulous slot game. ComeOn! online casino is giving away 10 Free Spins per new player – snap them up quick before someone else does!

The following countries are able to take advantage of the free spins: Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand

Good luck!

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ComeOn! Review

Summary ComeOn! is an exciting online casino that has nailed down the combination of design and usability. After years of playing online casinos with square boxes and dull colors, this online casino presents a well-matched color scheme, smart layout and a high level of user friendly features. In this day...

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