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Social Gambling Is On TOP!

Have you caught the social gambling bug yet??

Personally, I find it really exciting and have taken some tries at it, and I can really see myself putting some game time into the hot social gambling games. Whether you agree that social gaming is great or not, the numbers show it is definitely *hot* at the moment.

A very well known research firm, Morgan Stanley, has launched a new study on the popularity of social gambling in comparison to online and mobile gambling. And before you ask, this study is only measuring the real money plays. In this report, it states that the player base of real money social gambling is 3x that of the online gambling player base.

To give you some numbers to put in perspective, currently the social gambling industry market $1.7 billion and is projected to rise to $2.5 billion by 2015. The social gambling player base boasts number of 170 million which is a significant amount greater than that of the general online gambling. This has come to quite a surprise to me, as online gambling has been hugely popular for such a long period of time and social gambling is has only begun to grow.

Before you get too startled, lets think of why these stats are so great. Firstly, social media is a huge boost for social gambling since most of these applications are run through websites like Facebook, Zynga etc. and we all know how much time the general public spends on these popular networking sites. This is definitely the number one strategy that works in funneling customers to the social portals. Also, a lot of the popular online casino games are now offered in the social gambling portals, so these activities are that much more accessible to the people who want to play them.

Secondly, in the current standing position, the social gambling industry is unregulated which makes it easy for anyone to access, no matter what the residence country rules are. With much regulation going on in the online casino industry, its a breath of fresh air for players not to have to deal with these sticky issues.

When going through the facts of why social gambling is working so well, I believe it’s only a matter of time before these two very relative industries collide with each other and ultimately work together. For example, look at b.winParty’s partnership with Zynga, it appears these companies have the right idea!

As usual, only time will tell which industry will come up on top or whether they will converge! What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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