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Swede Strikes It Big – 26 Times!

Yes, its true. I did not use such a catchy title just so you would read this article – It is 100% legit!

As I have heard in winning stories so many times before, it started with a sick day. Is this the worlds way of balancing the bad with the good? I’m not sure, maybe, you can never really tell me these strange coincidences. But, for this lucky Swede, it sure seemed to work out for him!

At an early hour of only 10 a.m, Oscar was sick at home and decided to pass the time by playing some online casino slots – a favoured past time. One of his favourite online casinos, Vera and John, was where he struck lucky. We weren’t surprised at this, as V&J online casino has been known for making many players big winners (including myself!).

He started off playing Golden Shamrock, where he won a nice €1200. Then, Oscar moved on to Jackhammer 2, a popular new slot game, where he then raked in an accumulated win of €24,000! This happened all between 10:30 and 1:30 pm.

Thinking something was seriously wrong or maybe he was just that lucky, Oscar continued to play for two more hours. He tested his lucky at Thunderfist, Dragon Island and Victorious, then rounded it off with some more Jackhammer 2 play.

In the end, Oscar walked away with a grand total of €82,000 within a period of four hours – not too bad for a sick day! So, this still leaves me wondering, was it just pure luck, or coincidence?

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