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This Casino Winner Did What?!

Those lucky people who win big in casinos and lottery usually do some pretty crazy (and sometimes selfish) things, and when we heard what this winner did, we were properly shocked!

A West Virginia Man named Randy Smith has won millions of dollars from a lucky lottery in August 2010*. In a Powerball Lottery, this lucky former County sheriff won a whopping $79 mill, which decreased to $44 mill after taxes (the USA is not the best country to win money in!) and has done a series of amazing things ever since!

Smith has not just given to a charity from his winnings, he has done so much with his winnings in order to help others. This newly found philanthropist donated a 24-unit apartment complex to the United Way in order to fund a community housing program for families in crisis. He also donated his family home in memory of his parents and late sister, as he knew they would all be happy to see the joy brought to a struggling family.

And his generous ways did not stop there! Smith has given great amount of cash to various charities, emergency services, causes and those in need in his community. Fair to say, they are very lucky to have him in their city!

His loving and selfless actions in giving the housing units to the needy families was inspired by his work as the County sheriff, where he noticed often how many families went without nothing, not even a home. There are many different shelter groups, some for only woman or only men, so many families ended up  being separated, which is the most sad fact of all. His goal in this huge donation was to keep families together, no matter what the situation.

Currently, the housing project is growing and the United Nations are improving everything they can for the families. All thanks to this amazing man, Randy Smith.

Most people who win big sums of money from an online casino or lottery will give something to charity or a similar cause, however this man has taken it to the next level. It is the most generous story we have heard yet, and we encourage the winners here at to do the same as Randy! He has truly made a difference to so many lives, and this action was his choice. Money can not buy everyone happiness, however money sure can buy someone a secure place to live! This is a sweet article we wanted to publish, to encourage everyone to do good things, if they can.

On behalf of, we want to say, Thank You Randy!


*Thanks for the date correction, Andy! We have now corrected the year from 2012 to 2010, apologies for the misleading info!



    • Gah! Seemed to have made an error there – Thanks for the comment so we could correct it! If only we could predict when and who would win the lottery, eh? Haha!

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