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The Bird Is the Word!

Top-Up Weekend: Free Cash!

Ah, another reason why we LOVE Redbet online casino…

Weekend bonuses! Nothing gets the weekend off to a great start more than some FREE CASH… Agreed?

If you read this website often, you will probably be familiar with the fact that we truly support Redbet online casino. They treat their players like royalty (the proof is in our winnings ;) ) and we are always looking to see what they are going to do next to make us that-much-more excited!

And it looks like that day has come! Free cash! Need I say more?

As per usual, it’s as simple as can be. During your first deposit/transfer to Redbet’s Casino Red, enter the promo code (shown below) and get a whopping 35% up to €50 bonus on your deposit! Your bonus is automatically accredited and its off to the slots for you to make some cashola.

As always, terms and conditions apply, but remember, Redbet online casino is all about simplicity and there are no more than 10 terms to read. That’s what I call a bonus!

Follow this chart, below, to see the promo codes for the weekend bonuses:

Weekend  Bonus Code
1st-3rd   marwd1
8th-10th   marwd2
15th-17th   marwd3
22nd-24th   marwd4
29th-31st   marwd5
**These promo codes are valid only for the month of March, However new codes will be generated for every month of 2013 :)
And there you have it, the complete recipe for a fabulous, fun-filled weekend! And on that note… The bird is the word!



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