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Top-Up Your Weekend!

They are at it again…

These guys just really know how to make us *smile*, don’t they?

I am obviously talking about Redbet online casino, as they have been ultra-generous this month – er, well, they always seem to be overly giving! That’s no problem for us, we will gladly receive!

As an avid slot player, I know how it feels when you are playing (and playing), just waiting to grab the bonus and free spins. Then – suddenly – your credits have been used up. No bonus, no free spins. Damn.

Well, the clever chaps at Redbet online casino may have found a very simple solution to this – A top-up! For free, may we add.

This joyful event happens only on weekends, and they are offering a 20% bonus (up to €50) on the first deposit each weekend. Hey, €50 can go a long way! There are specified bonus codes for different dates, check below to grab ‘em! Just transfer your deposit into the casino wallet, and you will be automatically credited. Simples.


15th – 17th junwd3
22nd – 24th junwd4
29th – 1st junwd5


Get to Redbet, and get ready for the weekend!


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RedBet Casino Review

RedBet Casino
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