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Zynga vs Betable: The Battle Continues

As you most likely read in our previous article regarding Betable’s rising feat over Zynga, the competition between the two social gaming brands is really heating up.

As you may know, and something we covered in the previous article linked above, Betable has three other social gaming companies in order to have a strong face against Zynga, the company behind the majority of Facebook social games. The companies that Betable has joined with and who will use the Betable license and gambling technology, starting in the UK market, are Slingo, Digital Chocolate and Murka. These three companies have great contributions, as they have virtual slots and bingo expertise.

Not only that, but Betable have their partner company, Big Fish Games, able to finally accept real money players in the UK.

It looks good for Betable, however competition can always find a way to turn the table! Zynga announced they partnered with Bwin.Party and word has it they are working on a Farmville real money game! This is exciting news for all Farmville fans!

We will be watching this space closely and are very excited to see what happens next – So stay tuned here!

What do you think of this battle of the social gaming? Are you a fan or do you stick to slots? Comment below!

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