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HTML5 Games, Anyone?

As we all know, the tech world is always changing and evolving - Which makes it really exciting to be a gamer! If you are like me and love to play...
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Zynga: A Run For It’s Money??

I can only rightfully assume all online gaming enthusiasts are at least vaguely familiar with the social gaming giant, Zynga. You know, the creator of the Facebook games like Farmville,...
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Netherlands to be Regulated?

Modern times of regulation are upon us! Specifically, for the Netherlands market, starting with Holland. After much time of discussion, debating and compromise, Holland's Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, and both the...
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Microgaming Just Got Better..!

Have you heard of Microgaming Go yet? If you haven't, I won't start by teasing that "you must have been playing your favorite casino games under a rock". I am feeling...