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Banking Guide – How to Make a Deposit

When wanting to make a deposit in your account in an online casino, you must first have an account with that casino. Simply click ‘Sign up’ and follow the instructions and give them the information that is required.

Please feel safe when creating an account with any casinos that we recommend on this website, as they all meet the privacy and legitimacy requirements and are secure.

Your information will be completely protected and not shared with anyone. does not stand for any fraudulent activity, by any means or for any reason.

Once you have signed up for the casino with the correct information, you will be able to make a deposit. Please also note, always provide your correct personal information, as the casino will not accept you as a player if you give them faulty details.

Every casino will have different processes when it comes to making a deposit in terms of their own unique systems. All casinos will provide exact information on how to do this, so you do not have to worry about confusion. To start, locate the ‘Banking’ or ‘Cashier’ area of the website, where you should then see the button for ‘Deposits’.

Once you have reached this section, simply follow the instructions step-by-step and you will have made your first deposit! Congratulations!

Have fun and play safe!

Payment Methods Available

There are many different methods used for payment in online casinos. Not every casino will offer every options, however they are all very similar to each other. Please read further to find out the different options so you can make a decision which method is best for you:

PrePaid Cards- These cards are basically anonymous credit cards that you must pre pay before using. There is no identity required to buy these cards, and they can be purchased online or in-person. The advantage of this option is you cannot spend more than what you put on the card, so this stops you from going against your budget.

The common prepaid card in Europe to use is EcoCard and Entropay while the players in US and Canada often use Google’s ‘Quicktender’ which is also known as ‘UseMyWallet’.

There are many other options also, such as Netspend which is a VISA product, and the eCount, which is Matercards version. Another advantage of this payment method, is that there are fewer restriction with these cards when it comes to online casinos, and your bank or bank credit may not approve these charges as online casinos may be illegal in your country. This is a legal alternative.

Credit Cards – All casinos will usually accept credit cards, as it is a certain and efficient payment method. Of course, the most common credit cards are Visa and Mastercard, however many online casinos accept Diner’s Club, American Express, UK card Solo and others. The casinos do not mind the use of this payment however you, as the player, may want to avoid it as it can bring you issues further on.

Creditors make their living on individuals using money they don’t have in the form of credit. If you choose to use your credit card in an online casino, you set off a ‘red signal’ to the credit companies as higher risk and they often will not want to deal with you and your credit card may not even work when trying to deposit. If you are able to make the initial deposit, beware as you may have issues in the future using this payment method. Although the casinos accept this payment, they usually advise an alternate as they are aware of this common issue.

E-Wallet – This is a great and favourite payment option for many who play in online casinos. An e-wallet has two options: The money in the e-wallet can be connected to your bank account and the funds are withdrawn automatically. Or, the e-wallet payment provider will simply send you a bill for the funds used. Both of these options make it so the casino does not have your banking info and your main bank account cannot see what the funds were spent on.

The two most popular e-wallet payment providers are NETeller and Moneybookers.


NETeller is a great, trustworthy e-wallet service that many use all around the globe, excluding the US. They specifically handle the transferring of funds to and from online casinos, they are not a ‘general’ e-wallet such as PayPal. Most online casino players prefer you use a casino-specific e-wallet provider.

Setting up an account with NETeller is very easy. Simply fill out the account info and add your personal info, then deposit money. The transfers only take 2-5 days and have a competitive fee of only 1.75%.

Established in 1999, this company is a big part of the online casino family and trades on the London Stock Exchange. You can instantly deposit and withdrawal using this service and issue payments with merchants associated with NETeller.

The account is free to register and you can use all different known methods, like Visa, debit, bank deposits, EFT and InstaCash to add your funds. Using this e-wallet service usually allows your payments to online casinos to process very quicky.

Let’s take a look at the different account options with NETeller:

  • NETeller Express: The simplest account to register, supporting the U.S/Canadian Dollar, Euro, British pound, Swedish Krona and Danish Krone. There is a limit of 2500 euros for max deposit (compare to own currency). The customer can make payments to any merchant associated to NETeller.
  • NETller Extended: Allows a higher deposit limit, offers a prepaid NETeller debit cards and offers peer-to-peer transfers, where you can send money to friends who use NETeller.
  • NETeller Bonus: Receive ‘NET points’ for every $1 you transfer to a merchant associated with NETeller and stand a chance to win money in weekly draws. Please note, you must have the qualifying amount of points in order to qualify.

When deciding which deposit method to use in an online casino, consider the following info:

  • Credit cards are no longer nearly as convenient as they used to be as a method of depositing. Many casinos have eliminated this option as it can have many security issues with the given country due to regulation, threat to National Security and monitored transactions. The same goes for bank wire transfers.
  • E-wallets are really the best option, because although the e-wallet is connected to a bank account, the bank account does not monitor what the e-wallet is used for, it is simply just a reference.


Moneybookers is an e-wallet provider, just like NETeller. Moneybookers can provide a variety of transactions such as transfers from customer to bank account, received payments and customer to merchant payments. This is another favourite among the online casino community as it is done simply through the use of an email address.

Moneybookers is very popular and is known as the ‘ultimate global payment solution’, allowing people to use their services from every country, as long as it is regulated in their area. This e-wallet has some great features, like the ability to process transactions in real-time, offers useful products for businesses, easy and efficient – You will notice many online casinos offer this e-wallet as a payment solution.

Moneybookers works very simply: Using an email address to can transfer, send and receive money to and from your bank account, no problem. You are able to make purchases without giving credit card info through this payment provider as well, ensuring security.

A Moneybookers account is obviously great for use in online casinos, but it is also useful for many other activities in the area of online payments that make it very convenient for you.

You are able to fund your account with the following payments: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club and debit card, with great fees. To send money, you pay only 1% with a maximum of .50 euros, which is about 75 cents. Receiving money has no fee. Funding your casino account is easy, they give a variety of methods depending on the country of origin, which you will be able to read about when you sign up on their website.

There are a few restrictions on which countries can send money to online casinos, and these include: Malaysia, China, U.S, Turkey and Israel.

As we have stated earlier, and we are sure you agree, credit cards are convenient however do not allow you much privacy. As many online casino users like their privacy and do not want to have to deal with issues, as nobody does, with banks or other, e-wallet is the best alternative.

Bank Transfers – There are a variety of different bank transfers available for the online casino player. They are both convenient and safe, and allow the player not to spend too much money as they can only spend what they have in their bank account.

The most common is known as Wire Transfer, where you can easily issue the transfer from your bank to the casino account. You will want to check with your bank on the fees associated with this option, as they can be higher than other methods and have extra costs. Also, many casinos only offer this option for withdrawal of funds.

One of the newest bank transfer options is called the e-check, which is an electronic check (hence the name e-check). The e-check is filled out online and sent to the casino online and is quick and easy, much faster than other options available. When the player wins money, the casino simply pays them automatically to their checking account. As checking accounts are possibly most common in North American, the Americans and Canadians favour this method.

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