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How to Play – Online Scratch Cards

Online Scratch Cards, or Scratch Cards in general, are the easiest lottery games to play. They also have many advantages over draw-based games. This is because Scratch Cards require no skill or strategy and you can win multiple times almost instantly. There are many different scratch card games offered by different companies, however the fundamentals are similar:

  • Simply purchase the Scratch Card, or Play for Free/Practice.
  • In some Scratch Card games you will be able to choose an object to scratch with. Choose the item and then start scratching!
  • Scratch the boxes to uncover the symbol or number. Continue this until all boxes are uncovered and your prize is revealed!

Most Scratch Cards will guide you through playing, however if not, these above directions are useful.

Playing Online Scratch Cards, in our experience, is a lot more fun than it is offline. It is easy and interactive, the graphics are usually top-notch amazing and most games have fun sound effects! It really is much more of an experience than simply buying a Scratch Card from a store and playing it at home or in your car.

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