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How to Play – Video Poker

Video Poker is a fun game, very different from traditional video slots. Video Poker wins are very determinate on skill and strategy of the player, giving you somewhat of an advantage over the house edge.

Video Poker can be considered a middle connection between slots and table games. Often Video Poker will offer a lower house edge than slots. Video Poker is becoming very popular for those who enjoy games as a mode of entertainment, and there are many variations.

How to Play

Video Poker is played the exact same as regular draw poker, except it is played against the casino software and not other players. The player will be dealt 5 cards, and can then decide if they would like to be dealt 5 new cards or not. To keep the cards you want, simply click ‘Hold’ for the card you would like.

Once decided, click ‘Deal’ and the cards you did not want will be replaced. Whether you win or lose is determined by the end result of your cards (your ‘hand’) after you click the ‘Draw’ button. Your amount won depends on the Pay Table located on your screen.

The Return

An advantage of video poker over regular slot machines is that the wins can be determined by reading the pay table. Generally, the hand combinations are made from a standard 52 card deck, although some use 1 or 2 Jokers, in addition. One video poker game, Deuces Wild, uses a 52 card deck and the deuces are considered Wild cards. All of the payouts can be calculated by viewing how much the machine pay for each winning combination.

With a 52 card deck, you can create 2,598,960 different combinations. With video poker, the machine simulates probabilities of the hand combinations, which is called an RNG (random number generator).

It will be near impossible for you to calculate these probabilities on the spot, however there are many software programs, books and websites out there that can teach you how to determine the payouts. If you know how to read the pay table then you can ensure you are playing the machine with the best return. Don’t be tricked, sometimes casinos will place 2 identical machine beside each other, so you want to be sure you are playing the table with the best return.

Video Poker Strategy

There is more to video poker strategy than simply knowing the return of the machines, you must have a mathematical strategy as well. Every mistake you make against your strategy, increases the house edge. Every video poker game has its own unique strategy, so it is best to learn all for the different games or stick to one type of video poker game. The easiest and best game to learn first would definitely be Jacks or Better, and you will find all other versions are similar to this main game.

These are the most common video poker games:

  • Jacks or Better
  • Deuces Wild
  • Double Bonus Poker

We would definitely suggest you give video poker a try! It is a known fact that players who switch from slot machines to video poker never turn back!

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