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How to Use Casino Bonuses

The most common to be offered, a Match Bonus is great for online casinos, as they are able to avoid huge losses in profits when they use this type of bonus structure. This structure allows the casino to be further protected from dishonest players who try and take advantage of other less bullet-proof bonuses.

Match Bonuses

The way it works, is the player is to make a deposit of an amount of their choice, and the casino will match this amount to a certain percentage of free money. The percentages in which the casino will match you varies depending on casino promotion. To give an example, say the casino is offering to match your deposit 30%, If you deposit $100 of your money, they will give you a free $30. Very simple, and fruitful! It is always important to check the expiry of all promotions and offers, and also to read the terms.

Here are some examples of common Match Bonuses:

  • 200% Match Bonus: When these bonuses are offered, they are a great opportunity for players to take advantage of. However, these high match bonuses have more strct wagering rules and usually only give the match up to a certain dollar amount. For example, 200% Match Bonus up to $200, means if you deposit $100, you would get $200 free to play with, totalling $300!
  • 100% Match Bonus: Probably the most common, the 100% Match Bonus is great for players because, of course, you get exactly the same amount back as you put in, doubling your money right away. However, you can not withdrawal the money once you receive the bonus, you must play it. Deposit $1000, get $2000 to play, in total!

Always be sure to review the wagering requirements, terms and conditions and rules, to be sure you are getting exactly what you are expecting. Also, let the old saying be true. ‘If it seems too good to be true, It usually is’. If you see outrageous match bonuses you may want to post in a forum or ask other players before depositing any money, as they could be fraudsters.

Remember, you will never find these types of casinos advertised on!

Monthly/Weekly Bonuses

These are great bonuses for the regular casino player! Online casinos will often reward you for playing at their casino on a regular basis. You can either collect these bonuses weekly or monthly, depending on the casino. The general structure works very similar to match bonuses, where you receive a certain amount based on a percentage and up to a certain amount. Different casinos have different rules on how often you can claim these bonuses, and this option will not be available everywhere you play.

No Deposit Bonuses

This type of bonus allows the player to receive free money from the casino without putting down an actual deposit. These are not so common as many players have taken advantage of this option in the past, making these offers much more risky for the casinos. These offers originated back when people were afraid to spend real money at casinos, so they were given no deposit bonuses to encourage real play.

Although these offers are very beneficial to the players, be sure to review the wagering requirements as they will be much more strict than usual.

High Roller Bonuses

This option is usually reserved for special players who are going to deposit more money than a typical player in their first deposit. These bonuses will usually be less than 100% match bonus, more like 40-50% match bonus, which does make a difference as it is a larger initial deposit. What you will actually me matched for the high roller bonus all depends on and promotion. As always, read the terms and conditions!

Banking Bonuses

These type of bonuses are in place so players have an incentive to use a banking method aside from credit cards, as credit cards can sometimes cause problems due to processing and processors.Processing gaming transactions is not favoured by many credit companies and this generally makes the processors unreliable. To take a step back even further, governments also do not favour online gaming and take certain actions which prevent the financial institutions from processing these payments, at times.

What has happened in the past, is players who visit a casino for the first time use a credit card to deposit, as this is such a common payment for online services. The common next result, is the card is rejected and the player believes the casino is no good or does not work. This is really too bad because this is usually never the case, simply the credit card company has blocked the charge!

Since casinos know this, they have come up with these banking bonuses, where you are rewarded for your effort in using an alternate depositing method and in return are given free money. The best part of this is, it is often that this banking bonus is given on top of another bonus, an additional bonus! It’s a great option, but again, read the terms and conditions!

Feature Promotions

You will find Featured Promotions on websites that have been given an exclusive offer, often better than those found on the other casino websites, to promote a short-term promotion that may have exclusive rights as well. These are the types of bonuses you will find on!

Since these Feature Promotions do not last long, it is important that you take advantage of them while they are available, or you may miss out. If you have missed out, there will always be a new promotion up soon so check back often.

Invite A Friend

Bonuses for inviting a friend is fun and interactive, it is one of our favourite bonus structures here at Basically, when a player stops playing at a casino, he or she will be asked if they would like to invite a friend to play, who will create an account and deposit to play for real money.

The player who invites a friend will receive casino credits for free, anywhere usually from $20 to $100 per friend, and will automatically go to their account. There are a few requirements, like the friend invited must not already be signed up with the casino and there is always a minimum deposit amount to be met in order to receive bonus.

Loyalty Rewards Bonuses

As the online casino industry is very competitive, different brands will do everything they can to please their customers and the coming back to play. A with most businesses, it is much cheaper to keep an existing customer than to pay for a brand new customer, so casinos always want to keep you, the player, happy.

That is where Loyalty Rewards come into play, where players are rewarded for continuing to play at a specific online casino, comparable to the club cards at land based casinos.

Loyalty rewards that are accumulated in online casinos can be transferred to credits usually, which can then be used to play with at the casino.

For example:

For each $10 in wager you’ll receive 1 loyalty reward point, and each 1000 points will earn you $10 in casino credits which you can cash in and play with at the casino.

Some casinos will require that you redeem your loyalty rewards points yourself whereas others will do this automatically for you.

Free Time/Starting Balance Bonuses

This concept is the newest bonus feature on the market today, only available with certain Microgaming casinos. These bonuses work by giving a player a select number of casino credits to us in a certain amount of time, where once the time runs out, an amount exceeding the initial amount is considered winnings for the player.

Then, the player will be required to meet a deposit and wager requirement in order to withdrawal what they have won. The free starting balance works the same way, except there is no fixed time limit.

Currently, both of these bonuses can only be played in the downloaded version of Microgaming software. As these are new rules, be sure to read through the terms and conditions in detail, to ensure you understand.


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