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If you are a new or experienced online game player, you need to know that when you play the casinos the odds are against you. However, this does not mean you can not win! People win playing in online casinos every single day, and they can win a little or a serious amount of cash! That said, depending on the game, it can be luck that gets you the wins or it can be your skill and strategies used! Both factors makes people winners, however it can’t hurt to have some skill behind you.

On that note, we have created lists and overviews of rules and strategies for you to read over, allowing to feel more confident with online gaming and become an expert!

The Basics:

  • Budget: Although online gaming is loads of fun and you can win money, you should always set a budget of what you are comfortable spending that financially suits you. Keep control of your entertainment, this way you will always enjoy it and it is not controlling you! Set an amount you are willing to spend and remain disciplined in only spending that amount. When you become experienced in online gaming and have mastered the strategies and skills, then there may come a time where you determine it is ok to spend more money (in order to gain more). Before then, play it safe and budget!
  • Bonuses (Free Money): On many casino websites they will offer great bonuses in order to get you started playing with real money. This is a great advantage for the players to use some free cash and possibly win great amounts of cash. Online casinos will offer either a matched deposit bonus, where you will receive a bonus in the amount of whatever you deposit, or a percentage of what you deposit (for example: 50% deposit bonus – You deposit $20 is real money, they give you $10 for a bonus which gives you $30 in total to play with). Or, you will be offered a bonus just for signing up and playing at their casino (for example: Sign up with casino X and we will give you $10 to play at our casino). Either one of these options is great if you are looking to play with real money, so take advantage of them!
  • First, Try the Free Play or Practice Play: Most casino games offer the opportunity to play the game for free first, before you spend money. This is a great option for you, so you can become familiar with each game that interests you and have no risk in doing so. Once you feel comfortable, it is perfectly fine to play for real money. This is a great way to gain experience in the game also!
  • Calculate your Odds: If you enjoy math or simply want to be the most strategic, it is a good idea to calculate your odds when playing certain games. You cannot always do this for all games, however some you can! You will find on some casino websites, they give a special tool that assists in making these calculations. Games you can calculate your odds with are Poker, and that’s about it!
  • Use Different Casinos: We feature a variety of casinos on this website and all of them are the best and most credible (we will never feature a shady casino!) You can register with as many casinos as you like and they all are unique in their own way, with bonus incentives, and overlook look and feel of the casino. Once you have tested out different casinos, it is most likely you will find 1-3 that you want to stick with. This is great because you become a more valuable player with your loyalty, and that often means more incentives (free money)!
  • Become an Expert: Choose a game that interests you and play that game, learn the game and study it. If you really understand the game you will have more likelihood to win. Of course, not all games have a mathematical odds approach, all games have some kind of strategy, whether it be skills on how you play entirely or whether you bet min or bet max on slot machines.
  • Never be Over-Confident: A common mistake made my professional and semi-professional casino players is getting too confident in their ability to win. This thought process will surely heighten your chance to lose! The judgement becomes not-so reasonable and this lands them in the red zone (that means you lost, FYI). If you make a big win, be smart and put some of that win away, do not play with all of it. If you can at least walk away with what you had at the beginning, then you have done well!
  • Don’t Drink Alcohol: It is never ever a good idea to play online casino or any casino for that matter, when you have been drinking. Alcohol hinders your judgement and you will not make smart decisions as you would sober. This can result in silly decisions. If you do choose to play and drink, simply drink in moderation and do not get drunk.

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